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Meet the chairman

The Independent Chairman of Asset Tilburg

Hugo Uitdehaag

The General Board of Asset consists of the 8 chairmen of the departments and MAK and is coordinated by the Independent Chairman. Hi! My name is Hugo Uitdehaag. I am 21 years old and I study the bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research. In my free time I enjoy field hockey both as a player and as a referee and I am a massive fan of cooking and board games. 

As Independent Chairman I oversee and represent Asset | Tilburg. I enjoy the position since I get to learn to handle the responsibilities that come with keeping such a large association running and I can work a lot on soft skills necessary for a career after university education is over. Since I started out quite young when I went to university I wanted to do a break year from the beginning and I feel that there really isn’t a board year like this one anywhere in Tilburg. Plus it is also a lot of fun since you basically get to go to every event and I have met a lot of new friends thanks to this board year. 

Below you can read a bit more general information about what it means to do a board year as Independent Chairman. If you have any further questions for me or want to have a chat you can send an email to or walk by in E1.21 on campus and we can schedule a coffee. 

A board year as Independent Chairman

Being the Independent Chairman you are responsible for the association as a whole. It is the only board position not tied to a department within Asset | Tilburg. Asset has a unique structure and with over 4000 members, 900 active members and 50 board members it is the largest study association in Tilburg and one of the largest in the Netherlands. This carries with it a lot of responsibility but also opportunities to develop yourself. You will work on leadership skills, strategic decision making but also getting to grasp the day-to-day operations that keep such a large association running. Leading a team of 9 board members all specialized in their own portfolio you will oversee many different facets such as acquisition, promotion and finances. You will learn to effectively lead a team but also how to help others effectively oversee theirs. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to expand your network. The Independent Chairman represents the association in meetings with the executive board of the university, the TiSEM management team and all faculty and university council parties. Therefore you will get to know most of the people inside the university and get a good understanding of how everything works behind the scenes.

Inside the association you are welcome at all departments within the association and are thus welcome at all events. Together with all the board members you will get to know both inside and outside of Asset it is a great way to get to know others and expand your social network. Of course there are also a huge amount of parties and activities to be a part of. A truly unforgettable experience within your student life at Tilburg University. 

Finally as Independent Chairman you will also have a dual role serving as the Treasurer of TiGeAk. The umbrella organization of all associations on campus. There you will help other associations grow and advise the university on association policy. Furthermore you can work on projects to enhance student life for all Tilburg University students such as the Campus Café or the Awareness Week. 

Want to know more? Plan a coffee with Hugo. Send an email to or walk by the office in E1.21.