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Asset Tilburg offers many committees. This page will give you more information about what it means to be part of a committee, how our structure works, and more. 

When you become active, it means you join a committee. Being part of a committee means you work together with fellow active members on organizing an activity, making a magazine, or maybe something completely different.

As soon as you become active, you will get in contact with other students and get the opportunity to join special active-member activities. Looking to expand your social circle in Tilburg? Then this might be just what you are looking for!

Working in a committee will teach you a lot about what it means to work in a team. Within a committee, we work with different functions, like chairman, secretary, treasurer, and more. You will develop soft skills, as well as hard skills, and will develop yourself further.  

Our structure

Interested in becoming active? Here is some important information for you! 

Asset Tilburg is divided into seven departments (which can be found below). You can choose to join a committee that relates to just one of them, or you could join a faculty-wide committee that relates to all of them.

  • Faculty-Wide Committee: These committees organize events that are open for all the departments to join, like the Asset Skitrip or the Business Club. This also includes the bar committee (Friends of Asset). 
  • Department-Specific Committee: These committees are bound to a specific department and are mainly concerned with topics within a department. The events that you organize will be (most of the time) visited by members of that department.

Furthermore, you can choose to join a formal or informal committee. 

  • Formal: You will organize an event or work on projects that have a formal character. These types of committees may involve company contact.
  • Informal: You will organize events or work on projects that are mainly focused on having fun. This also includes active member activities. 

For the complete overview of the committees we offer, please visit the Faculty Wide Committees and/or Department Specific Committees pages. 

How to join

How to join a committee depends on whether you want to join a faculty-wide or department-specific committee.

  • If you want to join a faculty-wide committee, please send an email to
  • If you want to join a committee of one of the departments, visit the department website and find out how to apply. The departments can be found here!

You can always send us, or one of the departments, an email to ask all your questions or schedule a conversation with one of the board members to talk about becoming active!

Note that some committees start in September, and some start in January.

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