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MAK Tutorship

About MAK

MAK Supported by Asset is the Mentorship System for Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM). MAK focuses on helping students to get adjusted and acquainted with student life, both study- and social-related. Besides, it is their goal to provide useful information to prospective, first-year, and pre-master students. Moreover, MAK supports (senior) students in their study program. These goals are translated into our core pillars: Study Orientation, Introduction activities, PASS Mentoring Program, and Study Support which are elaborated below.

Study Orientation

MAK aims to provide useful study information to prospective, first year and pre-master students. The Student for a Day is a perfect example of an event that contributes to this pillar. During this day, MAK provides in close collaboration with Tilburg University all prospective bachelor students with information related to all TiSEM study programs and to the student life of Tilburg in general.


MAK organizes several introduction activities in order to give TiSEM freshmen the best start possible in their student careers. The MAK Introduction Day (MID) is a perfect example of such an activity in which MAK tries to stimulate integration within TOP/Year groups by organizing several team-building activities. Furthermore, they also organize the Kick-off days in which we introduce TiSEM and all its facets to upcoming students.

PASS Mentoring Program

During the first year of bachelor's, MAK focuses on TiSEM freshmen to help them develop themselves in a formal and informal way. This program is a collaboration between the Education Support Team (EST) from TiSEM and MAK. The MAK Introduction Day (MID) is the start of the PASS Mentoring Program where the first-year students get to know their mentors and fellow students. Their mentors, who are recruited and selected by MAK, will go along with them during TOP-week and their first year to support them while getting acquainted with Tilburg University. Every year MAK organizes both formal and informal activities. For example, a Development Day is organized to give the opportunity to follow several workshops that contribute to their future career. The PASS Mentoring Event is an informal activity that is organized at the end of the PASS Mentoring Program. 

Study Support

Providing educational support is another pillar on which MAK focuses. It aims to stimulate the academic progress of all TiSEM students. MAK does this via Tutorships and Private Coaching. Tutorships are provided in groups of a maximum of 20 students. MAK offers several ways of tutorships, for example, regular tutorships consisting of 11 lessons, mid-semester tutorships consisting of 6 lessons, and crash courses consisting of 9 hours in total. During these tutorships, the tutor provides its students with extra information concerning problematic courses. Private Coaching has the same goal but focuses on one-on-one tutoring in which the student receives all the information they need to pass the exams. More information about becoming a tutor or registering for tutorships or private coaching can be found on their website.


For more information about MAK tutorships, visit the website below.

MAK Tutorships